Robotics Apps development

Date : 2019

Type : stage

Formation : M2 IDBCI (ex ITEA)

Auteur(s) : Abdellah Zoubiri

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Pas de résumé Extraction automatique à partir du poster :

|TEA Master final project Robotics Apps developing

R = Abdellah Zoubiri à . \ _ E -' 'l. ‘ ut Pn


° / The goal of this internship is to develop such robotics Apps to solve industrial E t <°, automation process problems. These Apps are easy to use and do not need any prior L asy to use knowledge of robotics or programming from the user. Multiple tasks

Franka Apps are easy to use. The

user should drag and drop the Using the Franka Apps the user can

; [ Apps are developed by using state machines which are a program create from very simple to highly desired app and configure the ° rrr [ ! , requiîÊd parame?ers ; unit writing in a language called lingua Franka. State machines complex tasks to performs the desired ' ñ communicate with C++ services for low-level control and automation scenario.

JavaScript code for the context menu.

Developed Apps

In this internship, a library of state machines has created to speed up the Apps development. This library includes state machines for generating motion, controlling the

. _______ | gripper, applying force, generating

_ J Flexibility a trajectory path and establish a Modbus connection. Gained Skills \ \‘ Franka robot has a 7 degree of freedoms \‘ ù instead of the most of Robot's reach ; ‘The Arm has a , industrial robots which torque sensor in

have 6. This allows


Franka robot Hands-on A robotics Industrial pps ; automation FRANKA EMIKA

L P r | each joint which _ =— extremely high flexibilty r Cartesian modon Jontmoion r ; gives high sensitivity æ S regarding the motion on , m to the robot and L E E — the joint space. 9 . allows the best éc V- @ 4 recognition and Q - ’ Release Force Wait Ÿ { ' reaction to the T ‘ ÀV 1 4 \ external forces acting Iv ‘ | Mn the am. Sensitivity & Es*

Modbus Out Modbus pulse Modbus wait

Under the supervision of: IREDW Robbin Mennings

es @ ; Jean Luc Le Garrec