IoT and industry 4.0

Date : 2019

Type : projet

Formation : M2 IDBCI (ex ITEA)

Auteur(s) : Abdellah Zoubiri

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ITEA Master project |OT & otsee INDUSTRY 4.0

The goal of this project is to simulate the renovation of a factory by making a connection between the Manufacturing process and the internet in order to improve the efficiency of the industrial process and getting regular daily updates about the state of the production.

The loT connection performed by using Node-RED. Node-RED Communication ; . . ; ; protocols Automation is a programming tool for connecting hardware devices, APIs Controî235tems and online services in new applications. and interesting ways. Node-RED runs on different hardware such as Raspberry Pi Or Siemens local computer and connects with several loT platforms Such PLC as IBM CloudOr Microsoft Azure. Node-RED packages allow Programming the user to use different communication technologies on the same flow such as MQTT, TCP/IP, REST API and LoraWAN. Blynk is a hardware-agnostic loT platform I With customizable mobile apps, private cu cloud, rules engine, and device management

analytics dashboard.

Internet of things


Factory IO simulation

Blynk cloud server was used in this project.

<Cg The simulation allows us to create a virtual copy of the physical real-world factory

and make decisions on it.


Monitoring loT linking Industrial process Computer or Smart Using node-red running on Controlling the process and Phone Raspberry Pi or any computer getting sensor’s data to the PLC.


FACTORY l/O is a 3D simulation of industrial applications designed to practice PLC __ programming. Works with any PLC brand and with the most common automation ........ technologies (SoftPLC, OPC, Modbus, ….).